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Taking the danger out of dangerous goods

We are a leading international organization acknowledged as experts in dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

Founded in 1987, Presto Dangerous Goods (formerly known as DGM Finland Oy) develops comprehensive dangerous goods solutions for a large variety of customers of all sectors and industries (logistics, chemical, oil and gas, energy, freight forwarders, air, road, maritime transport companies). We provide high-quality and practical training courses related to the transport, handling and storage of dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

Students receive comprehensive training materials in sessions that combine excellent teaching practices with expert knowledge. In addition to our scheduled courses, we customize individual training programs according to specific customer needs and requirements.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive packing services to help you ensure that all requirements are completely fulfilled before the package is delivered to its destination.

Our other services include:

– Outsourced safety consulting services
– Dangerous goods product labels
– Logistics software

Contact us for further information about how we can help you transport and handle dangerous safely, efficiently, and according to international regulations.